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Calling Card referencing Warzone's nuke event discovered

Calling Card referencing Warzone's nuke event discovered

Despite the nuke event not receiving acknowledgment, a Black Ops Cold War calling card referencing the upcoming event has been found.

Calling Card referencing Warzone's nuke event discovered

As the impending demise of Verdansk edges ever closer, players are discovering more and more subtle references to the in-game event that is expected to take place in Warzone.

Aptly named 'The Destruction of Verdansk', the event will see a complete overhaul to Warzone's map, revealing a brand-new iteration of the map widely believed to be set in the 1980s.

The launch of a 1980s map does tie into the theme of the Cold War that was embedded into the battle royale at the beginning of Season 1 with the integration of Black Ops Cold War.

This latest discovery confirms the event will be taking place in the not-too-distant future.

Warzone Nuke Event Calling Card

Warzone leaker @ElvisCOD was one of the first to discover a Calling Card that directly references the event.

The Calling Card, named 'Verdansk Goes Boom' summarises the nuke event perfectly, with the current version of the map expected to be completely destroyed thanks to the launch of nuclear missiles.

How To Unlock Verdansk Goes Boom Calling Card

The likely method of obtaining this particular Calling Card will involve players taking part in the event which is expected to take place on April 22nd.

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