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All about Apex Legends' new Chaos Theory Collection Event

All about Apex Legends' new Chaos Theory Collection Event

Caustic is in the spotlight in Apex Legends starting March 9. Here's everything you need to know about he Chaos Theory Collection Event.

All about Apex Legends' new Chaos Theory Collection Event

To celebrate two years of Apex Legends, players can enjoy the next event - featuring Caustic.

The Chaos Theory Collection Event begins on March 9, with the Nintendo Switch port arriving at the same time. Be ready !

Caustic Town Takeover

The water treatment center has undergone a makeover for the event. Caustic has left his mark in the form of toxic liquid. Draining this liquid from the facility awards gold loot items.

Apex Legends

You may notice that the Mirage Voyage is missing — given the toxicity, it's natural Mirage decided to sail on out of there... 

Ring Fury

Ring Fury is a new game mode that follows the usual battle royale rules, but in each round one or more Ring Flares will appear on the map.

If you get caught in a Ring Flare, you will take damage equal to that inflicted by the Ring in the current round. You will receive a warning on the map before it appears, and Legends will warn you if they are in danger or if there is an opening nearby.

Heat Shields

These form a protective dome, allowing Legends to loot or heal an ally in the ring. While inside the dome, the use of healing items is sped up by 50% and the speed of revives is increased by 25%.

Apex Legends

Survival Slot

This new space will allow you not to have to choose between loot items or utility items - like a heat shield or respawn beacon.

No-Fill Matchmaking

Players will now see a checkbox labeled "Fill Matchmaking".

By unchecking this box and clicking "Play" you will enter the arena on your own when queuing for Duos or Trios - a great way to challenge or explore the map.

Collection Event

You can earn 1,000 points per day with the event Battle Pass. The associated challenges are renewed every day. There are also exclusive challenges that grant four unique badges if you complete them during the event.

All event items will be available through direct purchase (with Apex Coins) or through the event's Apex Packs for the duration of the event.

Collecting all 24 event items will unlock the brand new Bangalore Legacy set.

For complete details of legend updates and bugfixes, see the patch notes here

Respawn shows off Apex Legends gameplay on Nintendo Switch

Ahead of Apex Legends' release for the Nintendo Switch next week, Respawn Entertainment have released a new trailer showcasing the battle royale game running on the handheld console.


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