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Apex Legends: Anniversary Collection Event is coming on February 9

Apex Legends: Anniversary Collection Event is coming on February 9

Apex Legends turns two, and to celebrate the occasion there’s new events and challenges with plenty of rewards.

Apex Legends: Anniversary Collection Event is coming on February 9

Respawn Entertainment announced an anniversary event to celebrate two years of Apex Legends, starting on February 9.

Anniversary rewards

Between February 9 and 23, players will be able to get their hands on 22 unique new items for free, including two event packs and ten Apex packs.

Players will receive three stats trackers for Bangalore, an Apex pack, and an event badge when they first log in.

Apex Legends

Locked and Loaded Takeover

Enter the Arena with a full loadout of Level 1 gear:

  • The Mozambique
  • White Shotgun Bolt
  • HCOG Classic Scope
  • White Evo Shield
  • White helmet
  • White Helmet
  • White Backpack
  • White Knockdown Shield
  • Two Syringes and two Shield Cells
  • A stock of shotgun ammunition

All Common/White level attachments and equipment will be removed during the Takeover, outside of the Common Scopes.

Seasonal challenges

To celebrate the anniversary, Respawn have created some new challenges:

  • Get the “Daily Discovery” Nessie Badge by completing 75 Daily Challenges
  • “Respect your elders” and earn the Mozambique Badge by dealing 102,816 Damage (get the reference?)
  • Earn “Time to Win and Stay Alive” with 8 different Legends to get the Smolfinder Badge
Apex Legends

You can also get the “Mozambique Here” Weapon Charm by dealing 3,333 Damage with everyone’s favourite weapon – The Mozambique.

Anniversary collection event

Respawn are also bringing back 24 fan-favorite items – with crimson red and gold touches to celebrate the event.

Usually, unlocking all the items in a Collection Event unlocks a specific heirloom – since it’s the anniversary, you’ll receive 150 heirloom shards, and all crafting costs will be reduced by 50%.

Apex Legends

If you earn Event Packs from the reward track, after unlocking everything in the Collection Event, you’ll receive 700 Apex Coins instead.

Apex Legends will be available on Switch in March 2021

The rumors that had been circulating for a few days were true. Respawn Entertainment has just confirmed that Apex Legends will be released on Nintendo Switch next month.


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