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Warzone: Roze Rook Operator Skin, Pay to Win

Warzone: Roze Rook Operator Skin, Pay to Win

Roze's Rook Operator skin in Warzone has been the talk of the community for months. Some players have called for it to be removed from the game due to the unfair advantage it provides.

Warzone: Roze Rook Operator Skin, Pay to Win

Warzone Operator Roze returns to the forefront of conversation thanks to its Rook skin that enables players to sit in dark areas of the map without being spotted by an opponent.

For almost 2 seasons, the community has asked that this skin be removed from the popular battle royale. The problem is that some players are really starting to think Warzone is becoming a pay-to-win title, with the in-game store offering weapon blueprints and Operator skins that offer major advantages during a match.

The controversial MAC-10 Gallantry blueprint was the perfect example of this but with Raven Software bringing its weapon performance in line with the standard version of the SMG.

One Warzone player attempted to get the upper hand over a Rook skin user but it was almost impossible.

During the most recent Twitch Rivals event, nearly every single player was using the Operator skin in a bid to outlast the opposition.

With the skin clearly offering an in-game advantage, will it be removed from the game?


Pro Warzone players call for anti-cheat to be introduced

During a Twitch Rivals tournament, several competitors were suspected of hacking, leading to more calls for a dedicated anti-cheat to be implemented.


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