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How to get the Intel x Fortnite Splash Damage Bundle

Chapter 2, Season 4
How to get the Intel x Fortnite Splash Damage Bundle

New information about a collaboration between Fortnite and Intel was revealed via datamining. The Splash Damage bundle is available to the most assiduous collectors.

How to get the Intel x Fortnite Splash Damage Bundle

When negotiating a juicy partnership with a brand, Fortnite likes to honor the contract with an exclusive skin designed for the occasion. In the past, players have been able to take advantage of unique cosmetic packs by purchasing Samsung phones or consoles.

This time, Epic Games has entered into a partnership with Intel, the famous microprocessor manufacturer. A bundle will be added to the collection of the brand's processor buyers.

Numerous dataminers from all over the world have got their hands on an image revealing the contours of the collaboration.


The Splash Damage bundle (skin, harvesting tool, glider) is offered to purchasers of certain Intel Core processors. Here are the CPUs that are valid to benefit from the offer:


How to take advantage of the offer?

  • Login to the Intel website.
  • Create an account or login.
  • Click on Redeem Offer.
  • To the question Do you have a Master Key, answer No.
  • Indicate the stock keeping unit (SKU) for the Intel device you bought.
  • You'll be asked to download Intel HST (Hardware Scanning Tool).
  • You'll be asked to login to your Epic Games account.
  • Click on Redeem Now.
  • The Splash Damage pack will be available in your Fortnite locker.

It's already possible to perform this manipulation. You have until March 31, 2021 to do so. Keep in mind that these special packs are often exclusive, and don't appear in the Item Shop!

Original content by Romain "Zorg" Becquelin.

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