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PUBG: Northern Lights put on a show in PCS3 Europe

PUBG: Northern Lights put on a show in PCS3 Europe

PCS3 Europe is finally under way, and it was the Northern Lights who showed us the way after Day 1.

PUBG: Northern Lights put on a show in PCS3 Europe

PUBG hits Europe next, as PCS3 got going with several major teams looking to claim the final tournament of the year.

PCS3 Europe β€” Match 1 Results

Northern Lights took the first dinner of the tournament on Miramar, keeping all four members alive while heading off Digital Athletics and Team SoloMid for an 18-point haul.

Omaken Sports amassed 13 kills to take second in the provisional standings, while Team Liquid disappointed yet again β€” finishing dead last with zero kills.


PCS3 Europe β€” Match 2 Results

Team Liquid responded in spectacular fashion in Match 2, securing a third place and a monster 14 kills. However, it was Digital Athletics who claimed the chicken dinner, with Bystanders the last to fall.

Their four members left alive at the end proved too strong for Liquid's jeemzz and Bystanders' Beami β€” who recorded an enormous 1123 damage for his seven kills.


PCS3 Europe β€” Match 3 Results

After the shift to Erangel it was Tornado Energy who held their nerve in what was a trench warfare kind of game. Several teams obliterated one another in the ditches and foothills south of Yasnaya,

Russian side PinkPonY put on a fantastic display, securing double-digit kills to end with 16 points and second place in the match, ahead of Omaken Sports and shiftW.


PCS3 Europe β€” Match 4 Results

Northern Lights secured their second dinner of the day, taking down NatusVincereΒ to cement the win. However, it was the latter who scored more points, thanks to an 11-kill haul.

ENCE and Redline rounded off the top four for the match.


PCS3 Europe Standings β€” Day 1

It's a single-point lead for PCS Charity Showdown kings Northern Lights after a thrilling day's play, with Tornado Energy and Digital Athletics hot on their heels.Β 

It was also a day of disappointment for the regions' biggest sides. PCS2 winners FaZe Clan are languishing down in 13th, with PCS1 victors TSM just one place and one point above them. Team Liquid continued their trend of inconsistency this year, ending the day in 9th.Β 

PUBG: PCS3 Europe Standings - Day 1 - PUBG
PUBG: PCS3 Europe Standings - Day 1

The PCS3 action resumes tomorrow with APAC, before Europe later in the evening.

Check out our guide for more info and where to watch!


PCS3 is a go β€” here's what you need to know!

The final major event of 2020, PCS3 sees the best PUBG teams in the world compete across four regions for a hefty prize pool and regional glory. Here's what you need to know about the schedule and teams before the action gets under way!


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