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Jonathan Frakes is back with an all-new PUBG Mysteries Unknown

Jonathan Frakes is back with an all-new PUBG Mysteries Unknown

We've been treated to more information on Dr. Burton Northrop's search for the fabled city of Paramo, hosted by Star Trek legend Jonathan Frakes, in the run up to a possible new PUBG map reveal.

Jonathan Frakes is back with an all-new PUBG Mysteries Unknown

In recent weeks, several PUBG community members have received mysterious packages, containing a fragment of what has been dubbed the 'Paramo Stone'.

Written in a strange coded language, this stone - akin to the Rosetta Stone - has not yet been fully deciphered, but from four pieces deciphered of nine, it appears to tell of a volcano named "Amancha".

This is the second video in the Mysteries Unknown series, hosted by Commander Riker himself, Jonathan Frakes, with the first episode back in May revealing the secrets of the demise of Dinoland - and coinciding with a major update to Vikendi.

This time, Mysteries Unknown is teasing an all-new map, long-rumoured in the community. With us drawing nearer to an official unveiling, we're learning more about this forbidden location.

You can watch the latest Mysteries Unknown video below:

This also coincides with the launch of the new PUBG Lore website, which for now only lets users sign up for a mailing list.

However, as revealed by ASJ_sapphics, by clicking on all five possible items on the page - a chess pawn, a photo, a figurine, a half-eaten burrito, and a photograph of a volcano - you'll be asked to enter a password on an 'error' screen.

Entering "Paramo" will give you a 'thank you' acceptance message, and what appears to the Season 9's slogan - "But what if the good didn't have to die at all?"

We'll have more information about PUBG Season 9 soon.


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