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Ninja would like a Fortnite league reserved for pro players

Fortnite: 2020
Ninja would like a Fortnite league reserved for pro players

Fortnite's competitiveness is going through one of the biggest crises in its history. After the professional players, it's now the turn of Ninja to demand a clean restructuring of the battle royale's esports ecosystem.

Ninja would like a Fortnite league reserved for pro players

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has spoke out against a failing competitive ecosystem. The streamer gave his point of view on Fortnite esports, and on what should be rectified as a priority to restore the competitive scene to its former glory.

Ninja is asking for a clearer separation between professional players and the mass of Champion ranked players, through what could be akin to the creation of a specific league. This is to avoid the ubiquitous grievance of good occasional players against professionals.

It must be said that currently, absolutely all the competitions organized by Epic Games are open to all — where pros have to face players who have reached the Champion rank.

This phenomenon of grievance — which has become the norm in Fortnite esports — is according to Ninja the number one scourge. The one that must be quickly eradicated if the game is to regain its competitive legitimacy.

The competitive community has felt forgotten by Epic Games for too long. Cheating, bugs, nothing new in formats... Even the cash machine aspect is no longer in Fortnite, since Epic Games has chosen to drastically reduce FNCS cash prizes.

According to Slasher, the resentment of the pros isn't really on the financial aspect of things, but rather on the feeling of neglect inspired by Epic Games.

Fortnite esports doesn't need $100 Million in prize money for to be successful. Fortnite needs Epic Games to truly care about its competitive player community with a long term plan for the pros instead of treating esports as a nonsense marketing exercise to promote the game.

It's hard to say if, at the time of writing, Epic Games has been receptive to the multiple warnings launched by the pros, esports organizations and some streamers — such as Ninja. What's certain is that many professional players are worn down by a destructured ecosystem that would only need a little attention to shine again.

Original content by Romain "Zorg" Becquelin.

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