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CS:GO: Counter-Stike Professional Players' Association Launches New Ranking Format

CS:GO: Counter-Stike Professional Players' Association Launches New Ranking Format

Although there are almost as many systems for ranking CS:GO teams as there are players, the CSPPA unveiled it's own unique ranking format last weekend. This new system calculates its rankings differently to other ranking formats.

CS:GO: Counter-Stike Professional Players' Association Launches New Ranking Format

CS:GO is a game that features a wide range of varies statistics. On HLTV, for example, not only is it possible to see how different teams stack up against one another via their Global Ranking, but you can also compare players by their individual rating, in addition to even more specific statistics, such as their performance in pistol rounds. Yet the Counter-Strike Professional Player's Association [[CSPPA]]( have taken it upon themselves to introduce a new way of ranking professional teams that takes other factors into account, including the mental health of players in the scene.

Why Do We Need Another Ranking System?

The CSPPA, having consulted numerous different parties in the scene, determined that there needed to be a new way of ranking teams. The players's association put forward three main factors that should be taken into consideration:

  • The need for a ranking system that was more considerate of its players. Other systems appeared to incentivise playing as many tournaments as possible — often to an excessive degree — in order for teams to retain an elite position on the HLTV or ESL rankings. This constant need to play has proved itself to be draining on the players, both mentally and physically.
  • The need for a simpler and more transparent way of ranking teams. The CSPPA provides an in-depth explanation of its ranking criteria in its rulebook, which is freely available online.
  • The need for a dynamic ranking system. According to the CSPPA, there is no perfect solution when it comes to ranking teams, so it has promised to continually update its system and methodology to accurate reflect the active professional landscape.

This is supplemented by a need for consistency and relevance, which has resulted in the creation of a monthly ranking that will be regularly updated throughout the competitive season.

What Does the First Ranking Tell Us?

The first edition of the CSPPA World Rankings has certainly not gone unnoticed. While some may appreciate the idea of a player-created ranking system that is more protective of its pros, others won't really see the need for it. Even more so when there are so many other rankings, something that the CSPPA have admitted themselves.

In any case, CSPPA's first rankings have crowned Evil Genuises, the North-Americans, as the best team in the world, followed by Natus Vincere and Furia. If you compare these rankings to HLTV's, these teams perform much better in CSPPA's system, as they are 3rd, 4th, and 8th respectively in the much more widely respected HLTV rankings. Incidentally, BIG, the #1 team on HLTV thanks to a number of recent top-place finishes, is only 5th in the CSPPA rankings.

Counter-Strike: BLAST end partnership with NEOM

Although it was only announced on July 28th, BLAST's partnership with NEOM, the Saudi futuristic megacity project, has been come to an end. This decision comes off the back of widespread criticism and protests from CS:GO's competitive scene.


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