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Valorant: patch 1.05 impacted by multiple bugs

Valorant: patch 1.05 impacted by multiple bugs

Act 2 and patch 1.05 are finally here, but they have been suffering from many bugs. Raze and Ascent have been disabled until further notice while the dev team investigates the issues.

Valorant: patch 1.05 impacted by multiple bugs

Act 2 of the Battle Pass has just been released on Valorant along patch 1.05. It was deployed overnight, but the fun was quickly compromised by many bugs. They are so important that Agent Raze and the Ascent map have been removed from play until further notice. Multiple FPS issues were also reported.

A little before the patch, many players reported an issue with matchmaking. The publisher quickly explained they accidentally launched the ranked games of Act II earlier than planned, and before recalibrating the MMR for the start of the season.

We likely will have some updates in the coming hours. In the meantime, players are going to have to be patient, especially if the Free-for-all mode is implemented today.

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