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Season 1 Act 2 introduces the FFA Deathmatch mode to Valorant!

Season 1 Act 2 introduces the FFA Deathmatch mode to Valorant!

After Spike Rush and Ranked mode, Riot Games introduce the highly anticipated Free-for-All Deathmatch. Frag-lovers will be able to enjoy 6-minute rounds spent decimating unwilling opponents.

Season 1 Act 2 introduces the FFA Deathmatch mode to Valorant!

The Valorant community is expecting this announcement for months already, but the day finally arrived: the Free-for-All Deathmatch mode is about to be implemented alongside the arrival of Act 2!


  • There are 10 players per game
  • No skill can be purchased nor used
  • Money is infinite
  • Spike is deactivated.

This new game mode will begin its first beta phase on August 5th, to manage server performance and game stability. If all goes well, then it could be implemented permanently to the game.


General Rules


  • First at 30 kills wins. If no one reaches this total after 6 minutes, the one who has the most at that deadline wins.


  • Players can use any weapon they want.
  • They can buy them at any time, and change them whenever they want.
  • Players appear and reappear with Heavy Armor
  • Above all, no skill is usable or purchasable...


  • The respawn points will be managed very dynamically.
  • Several criteria: no enemy in the line of sight, reappearance always with a wall in the back, not "too" far from the action...
  • Respawn timer: 3 seconds
  • On respawn, the player has an 8-second invulnerability timer that ends as soon as he moves or fires (mostly to let the player change weapons).

Leaving a game

  • An "Exit the game" button is available in the "Exit the game" menu.
  • No XP will be given if the player makes this choice.


  • Each dead player drops a health pack that expires after 10 seconds.
  • Taking one (by simply passing over it) puts a player back at 100 HP and 50 armor.
  • These packs are there to encourage movement and aggressive play.


  • Every 5 seconds, a radar reveals the positions of all the players on the map.
  • This is intended to avoid campers and to promote again the game in motion.


  • After each frag, there's a window of time that opens. If you shoot down a new enemy during this time, your series continues!

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