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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Where to catch Feebas and Milotic?

Pokémon Sword and Shield Walkthrough & Guide
Pokemon Sword and Shield: Where to catch Feebas and Milotic?

In Pokémon sword and shield, all kinds of Pokémon exist, some easy to capture, some a little harder. Today, we reveal the position of Feebas and Milotic in this guide!

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Where to catch Feebas and Milotic?

For anyone who wants to fill his Pokédex, you will need to catch all the Pokémon available in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Some Pokémon are easy to find as well as catch but others are hidden in places where they have a lower capture chance rate. Today we will give you the location of Feebas and its evolution Milotic.

Find and evolve Feebas

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Feebas is a Pokémon that lives in the water so get ready for your best fishing trip.

To catch Feebas you will have to go to the second zone of Route 2, once you enter zone 2, enter the lake and advance to its middle, a small island will stand in front of you with two fishing spots, this is where you will have to be patient to find your Feebas.

Be careful, you only have a 1% chance of running into him.

To make it evolve into Milotic, you will need the item Prism Scale.

This item is in the same lake, it's in the top left of the island.

Feebas should hold the Prism Scale and you have to make an exchange (with a friend locally or online).

Where to find Milotic directly?

It's possible to find Milotic in the wild directly. To do this, go to Lake of Outrage (in the Wild Area). You will often see Gyarados spwans, but sometimes a Milotic may appear. It's the same in South Lake Miloch (south of the bridge, during foggy weather)

It is also available in Raid Dynamax.

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Sujay Prasad 9 months ago

I've been trying to search for milotic at the lake of outrage in my pokemon sword save file, however, gyarados does not spawn there and neither does milotic?

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