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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide: Egg Moves

Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide: Egg Moves

One of the new features of this Pokémon game is the egg moves.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide: Egg Moves

For Pokémon Sword and Shield, Game Freak has stepped up by renewing some of the mechanics of their main license. Here, we'll be talking about at a new feature of the game: the egg moves. Whether you are a breeding enthusiast in Pokémon or just a beginner trying to breeding, be aware that Pokémon hatching from eggs will potentially be special in this next opus. Here's a guide of what egg moves are and how they work.

What are egg moves?

As you already know, you can breed Pokémon to obtain eggs. In Sword and Shield, a Pokémon from an egg has a chance to get special abilities called "egg moves". These cannot be taught to a Pokémon by leveling it or using CTs.

You can get "unique" Pokémon, with very specific abilities by hatching eggs. It will probably take patience to conceive the Pokémon of your dreams using these features.

How does it work?

A Pokémon with egg moves can transfer this capacity to another Pokémon. For this, there are 3 conditions:

  • The Pokémon with egg moves and the targeted Pokémon must be the same species.
  • You must drop them off at the Daycare.
  • The targeted Pokémon must have only 3 abilities, so that the egg move takes up the fourth position.

This will most likely be practical in creating 'perfect' Pokémon, i.e. with exactly the abilities you want, while saving you some time.

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Robin Le conte 1 year ago

I'm not succeding to transfer egg moves while i am respecting those conditions.. Do we have to walk a lot ? I already get 2 egg but no capacity was transfered.

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