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LoL Guide, Build for Amumu, Jungle, S10

LoL Guide, Build for Amumu, Jungle, S10

Amumu Jungle League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Find our tips, items, and runes to play the Sad Mummy who costs 450 Blue Essences.

LoL Guide, Build for Amumu, Jungle, S10


League of Legends


Starting Items

Amumu typically starts with a Hunter's Talisman, for better mana regeneration and more damage to jungle monsters. Pair it with a Refillable Potion.


Your choice of boots will largely depend on the enemy composition. Mercury Treads will be chosen if the enemy damage is mainly magical, while Ninja Tabi will be chosen against physical damage.

If you want a little more damage on Amumu, then Sorcerer's Shoes can be a good pick — at the expense of extra survivability.

Core Items

Amumu can be equipped with a little AP to deal more damage in skirmishes. However, it is typically recommended to focus mainly on health and survivability, in order to build a solid front line during teamfights. This is even more crucial if you don't have another tank on the team.

For the jungle item, we opt for the Stalker's Blade with Cinderhulk upgrade for jungle clear and survivability. You can also choose the Runic Echo upgrade if you want a more offensive build.

The classic Liandry's Torment / Rylai's Crystal Scepter pairing offers a lot of health and offensive capabilities, accentuating your damage and effectiveness in team battles. However, these two objects alone don't offer any defensive protection, meaning you cannot withstand a significant amount of damage.

For more tankiness, prioritise more defensive items such as Abyssal Mask or Thornmail.

Situational Items

Finally, you will need a highly defensive item in the late game, in order to absorb damage from enemies who should be heavily armed. Randuin's Omen, Warmog's Armor and Gargoyle's Stoneplate are all excellent choices.



Tips & Tricks

  • Good vision control allows Amumu to have an safer, more enjoyable start to the game.
  • Use Q - Bandage Toss on a minion or monster to get closer to the enemy team, then use your Flash + R - Curse of the Sad Mummy combo to lock them down.
  • The combination of Rylai's Crystal Scepter + Liandry's Torment is very effective in slowing down opponents and causing significant damage to targets with large amounts of health, especially in combination with W - Despair.

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