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The best Warzone AK-47 Cold War attachments to use

The best Warzone AK-47 Cold War attachments to use

Black Ops Cold War's AK_47 has skyrocketed in popularity in Warzone Season 3. Find the best attachments to use in this article!

The best Warzone AK-47 Cold War attachments to use

Season 3 of Warzone is underway and as players attempt to determine which weapons will be a part of the metagame, some weapons that rarely featured in the loadouts of players have proven extremely popular.

One of those weapons is Black Ops Cold War's AK-47 assault rifle which has become one of the strongest rifles to be using in the battle royale thanks to its incredibly high damage output and low recoil levels.

With a variety of attachments to select in the Gunsmith, it can be tricky to determine which combination works the best, but after some experimenting, we have discovered a combination that dominates in the majority of close-quarters and mid-range situations.

AK-47 Cold War Warzone Best Attachments

Find the best attachments to equip onto the AK-47 below:

  • 20" Spetsnaz RPK Barrel (Barrel)
  • Tiger Team Spotlight (Laser)
  • KGB Skeletal Stock (Stock)
  • 45 Rnd (Ammunition)
  • Serpent Wrap (Rear Grip)

This particular combination of attachments focuses on mobility rather than outright performance at longer distances. The rifle is best suited to being used as a powerful secondary weapon alongside a CR-56 AMAX, providing plenty of stopping power in long-range battles.

This particular AK-47 loadout is being used by a number of content creators and professional players and is a sure-fire way of scoring plenty of kills during a match.

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