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Fortnite: Season 5, Week 14 XP coins locations

Fortnite: Season 5, Week 14 XP coins locations

The Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold Experience Coins are back in Season 5. Here's where to find them to earn free XP on your Battle Pass.

Fortnite: Season 5, Week 14 XP coins locations

Experience coins have returned in Fortnite Patch 15.20. They appear in different places each week and help add experience to your progress on the Battle Pass.

Where to find XP coins


For this penultimate week of Season 5, the coins are evenly distributed over the entire outer rim of the island. Only the golden coin (the most valuable one) is located towards the center, near Salty Towers. As usual, you can count on a good vehicle to collect several coins in a single game. Just pay attention to your fuel gauge!

The coins are much easier to collect than in the past. They’re usually in plain view, even the blue coins – which spawn in water – and you can grab gold coins without needing a vehicle. Only the purple coin somehow retains its old world charm, shattering into multiple coins when touched.

How much XP can you gain with coins?

Each colour is worth a different amount of XP points:

  • Green coin: 5,000 experience points
  • Blue coin: 6500 experience points
  • Purple coin : 10,300 experience points divided into coins
  • Gold coin : 15,000 experience points

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Sadly, we're not going to prepare any tasty dishes, but this Fortnite challenge has you visiting restaurant kitchens dotted across the map.


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