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LoL Wild Rift: Teemo Top Build Guide

LoL Wild Rift: Teemo Top Build Guide

Items, Runes, Summoner Spells, and Spell Order. Read on for all you need to know to play Teemo, the Swift Scout, in League of Legends Wild Rift.

LoL Wild Rift: Teemo Top Build Guide

Just picked up Teemo in Wild Rift and can't get your head around this tiny Yordle? Fear not, simply read on for our guide on the Swift Scout and you'll be a pest in the toplane in no time at all!





Manaflow Band

Teemo is known for being one of the most annoying opponents in the top lane. He has a good attack range and can chain attacks on blinded enemies. Electrocute is a rune that perfectly suited to this champion, as it can be activated during any trade, no matter how short.

Brutal offers you a slew of early game stats that are guaranteed to make your opponents laning expereince a living hell from the get go.

In green, Regeneration provides you with constant mana income so you can spam your spells freely.

In blue, Manaflow Band offers you additional mana so you can flood the map with your shrooms! You'll have no issue dropping them all across the Rift thanks to you Blinding Dart.


Here is the optimal skill order for Teemo. Max out his abilities as outlined in the graphic below, though make sure you pick up his ultimate whenever you can.

Wild Rift

Summoner Spells

Wild Rift
Wild Rift

Starting Items and Boots

Starting Item

Optimal Boots

Main Items

The items you buy will vary heavily from game to game depending on the composition of the enemy team. We've put together a list of the most effective items for Teemo, ranked by their importance to this champion. Items in bold are vital to your success on Teemo, as you'll be buying them in the vast majority of your games on this champion.

1. Nashor's Tooth

2. Liandry's Torment

3. Morellonomicon

4. Void Staff

5. Rabadon's Deathcap

Tips & Tricks

  • The positioning of your mushrooms is crucial as it can save you in numerous situations. If you want to push or clear a lane, you simply have to put some shrooms in the path of the creep wave. You can also place mushrooms to cover the entrances to the jungle or your lane at strategic locations.
  • During the early levels, you can optimise your damage output with the following combo: auto-attack > Blinding Dart > auto-attack.
  • Teemo's various passive abilities can be quite powerful if you take the time to briefly camouflage yourself in the bushes before trading with your opponent. This tactic will provide you with 3 seconds of +30% attack speed thanks to your Guerilla Warfare ability.

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