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Lol Wild Rift: Nami Support Build Guide

Lol Wild Rift: Nami Support Build Guide

Items, Runes, Summoner Spells, and Skill Order. Read on for all you need to know to play Nami, the Tidecaller, in League of Legends Wild Rift.

Lol Wild Rift: Nami Support Build Guide

Just got your hands on Nami in Wild Rift and in need of a few pointers? Read our guide on the Tidecaller and you'll be the ideal support for any AD Carry in no time at all.

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Manaflow Band

Like many other supports who specialise in healing and buffing their allies, Nami will find Aery and excellent choice for her keystone rune, as it will simultaneously boost her damage and support capabilities.

In red, Champion does a great job of increasing the damage of your pokes during the early game, provided that you don't die too much, which should be a piece of cake if you're playing Nami as she was intended to be played: as a backline support that never gets too involved.

Loyalty is a must-have for any supports looking to play closely alongside an ally, most typically the AD Carry.

Finally, Manaflow Band in blue will give you a nice buffer to your mana, and one that can be easily acquired, thanks to your Ebb and Flow ability.

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Here is the ideal skill order for Nami. Max out here abilities as seen below, though make sure you rank up her ultimate whenever it becomes available to you.

Note: Sometimes it's a better idea to take Aqua Prison at Level 2 and play aggressively during your laning phase.

Wild Rift
Wild Rift

Summoner Spells

Wild Rift
Wild Rift
Wild Rift

Starting Items and Boots

Starting Items

Ideal Boots

Wild Rift

Main Items

The items you buy will vary heavily from game to game depending on the composition of the enemy team. We've put together of Nami's best items and ranked by their importance, which you can see below. Items in bold are essential purchases, items that you'll pick up in the fast majority of your games.

1. Ardent Censer

2. Harmonic Echo

3. Redeeming Enchant

4. Zeke's Convergence

5. Protector's Vow

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Tips and Tricks

  • Landing Aqua Prison isn't easy. Your best move is to wait for your enemy to be slowed by the effect of Surging Tides, then cast it.
  • When using Ebb and Flow, try to take into account how it might bounce around. You might be able to hit distant targets if you cast it on an ally!

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