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Stark Industries unveiled in Fortnite

A new landmark has emerged in Fortnite, piloted by Stark Industries. It boosts the arrival of new powers for Marvel superheroes who have appeared in the battle royale.

Fortnite Champion Series Trio dates revealed

Epic Games gave the key dates of the current competitive season. The publisher was also keen to be transparent about the forthcoming Fortnite Champion Series, sharing its determination to combat all types of cheating.

Recovery Van has been buffed in Fortnite

Since Epic Games no longer publishes official patch notes for Fortnite, it's no longer rare to notice minor changes several days after an update. The latest one concerns the recovery van.

Samurai Scrapper Pack to appear in Fortnite

A brand new Fortnite challenge pack should appear in-game soon. Called Samurai Scrapper Pack, it will include lots of comestics but also a series of challenges so you can earn some EXP for your battle pass.

Lots of concerts to be performed in Fortnite

The Party Royale mode is back in the spotlight. Epic Games has just announced a series of concerts to see online. The first artist on the program is none other than Dominic Fike.


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