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A third teaser tells us more about Heros 32

The cat-and-mouse game is back in Overwatch. While we've been waiting for a while for something new on Blizzard's FPS, we might just get what we want with new teasers revealed on Twitter.

Overwatch Archives returns until April 2

Go back in time to Overwatch's past with the Archives event. Story Mode is back with some new missions to spice things up. You'll be able to win new legendary skins and complete three new weekly challenges!

First Paris Eternal Homestand is officially cancelled

The coronavirus (Covid-19) has just claimed another victim in the Overwatch League. The first Paris Eternal Homestand will be cancelled after the government's announcement to ban any gathering of more than 1,000 people until April 15, 2020.

Season 21 has just begun with the first Hero Pool

The first Hero Pool has just arrived in Overwatch live servers with the beginning of Season 21. Each week four heroes will be banned — two DPS, a Tank and a Support. This week, Hanzo, Mei, Orisa and Baptiste won't be playable.


Overwatch Contenders 2020 Season is about to begin!

If you follow Overwatch competitive scene, Contenders won't be a novelty for you. If you're interested in talent from all over the world, this tournament should delight you, which is why we summarize everything for you before the start of the season.

Patch 1.46 is now available on the PTR

Patch 1.45 has just arrived in-game that a new PTR patch is already available with a feature that will delight content creators: sharing replays.

New Workshop features available on the PTR

For almost a year now, the Workshop has allowed creators to design new ways to play Overwatch. While not all modes are played to the same extent, some have been recognized by Blizzard and added to the Arcade mode pool.

Ashe's Mardi Gras challenge is now available!

Unlock new content today by taking part in the Ashe Mardi Gras event until March 9. A new Ashe Legendary-quality skin and other cosmetics will be available by winning nine games in total.


OWL: Seoul Dynasty and Gen.G Esports to help coronavirus victims

On Twitter, Seoul Dynasty and Gen.G Esports have announced that they will be contributing to funds to support the victims of the coronavirus outbreak. All their income from the March homestand, merchandise sales and purchases of in-game skins will go to victim support associations.


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