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Why does Gnar have a low pick rate?

In three years, the Missing Link hasn't been nerfed once and he received a total of nine buffs... which is apparently not enough to make him popular.


LEC 2020 Summer Split Week 2 Power Rankings: Rookies on the top

As Week 3 of the League of Legends European Championship is about to begin, G2 Esports are back on track, MAD Lions confirm their streak, Rogue held on and Fnatic are back with their hold habits — what's happening with this Summer Split?!

The Nexus Blitz is back!

One of the most famous League of Legends game mode is making its big return with a brand new Ionia themed map!


Fnatic teams up with Gucci

Luxury brands seem to like League of Legends. After Riot Games and Louis Vuitton last year, Fnatic just announced their partnership with Gucci.


Conqueror Nautilus is coming to PBE!

To celebrate the Spring Split champions all over the world, a new champion is joining the Conqueror skin line: Nautilus!


LCS promises to produce a better broadcast

Harshly criticized when compared to the LEC or the LCK, the most prominent league of the North American competitive scene answered the recent backlash surrounding the broadcast quality of Week 1.

Vision on Jungle Camps is still buggy

The issue is nothing new and has persisted for years in League of Legends: sometimes jungle camp stays hidden by the fog of war for a few times instead of being revealed instantly...


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