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FFXIV Fashion Report Guide and Rewards, Week of March 13

The FF14 Fashion Report is a weekly contest in which players can earn awesome rewards by showing off their best outfits. Thanks to Miss Kaiyoko Star's work, here is our guide for the best glamour solutions available this week in Final Fantasy XIV.

FFXIV The Diadem and Ishgardian Restoration Guide

With Patch 5.21 for Final Fantasy XIV the Diadem is now full of awesome rewards! In this FF14 guide, we'll cover gathering and fishing in the Diadem as well as the rewards you can earn like the Albino Karakul Sheep and Dhalmel mounts, the Read emote as well as the new Cherry Pink Dye!

FFXIV: How to get parasols in Patch 5.21

Ever wanted to stay dry when playing FF14? Umbrellas will now shelter you when exploring the Diadem or other regions thanks to the 5.21 patch for Final Fantasy XIV! In addition to new dyes and items, you can now get your own Sky Blue Parasol and be protected during those Eorzean downpours!

FFXIV Patch 5.21 Notes: Ishgardian Restoration, Diadem & Parasols

With maintenance over, new content has just arrived in Final Fantasy XIV! The Ishgardian Restoration is back with the new Diadem gathering and the addition of new mechanics. New dyes, hairstyles, and parasols also make it to Eorzea. Check out the 5.21 patch notes here!

FFXIV Patch 5.21 release date and sheep mount revealed

Patch 5.21 maintenance will soon arrive in Final Fantasy XIV . While we wait for the patch notes Square Enix recently published the release date and updated the 5.2 official website with new screenshots, introducing new mechanics and a brand new sheep mount!

FFXIV: Little Ladies Day 2020 Guide, Rewards and Seasonal Shop

Little Ladies' Day is under way in Final Fantasy XIV. This 2020 edition introduces new glamour items and some exclusive housing furniture — including the Eastern Stage! Follow our guide and make sure you don't miss out on the special FF14 rewards!

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Review

Final Fantasy XIV is a true revelation! Though it was originally released in 2013 to little acclaim, FFXIV was re-released as A Realm Reborn, and now the Square Enix RPG serves as an example to its competitors. With the release of Shadowbringers, the third expansion, FFXIV is stronger than ever!


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