Zombies moving to TV Station

It appears that the horde of the undead is on the move...

Zombies moving to TV Station

As the second half of Season 2 gets underway on Warzone, several content creators have received another mysterious package from Activision.

This time around, a t-shirt and a mug featuring a BCH4 logo were sent out alongside another cryptic note seemingly hinting at where the horde of Zombies are heading next.

Here's everything we know.

Zombies Moving To TV Station

Based on the image below, it's extremely likely that the undead is making their way towards the TV Station.

Credit: CharlieINTEL - Call of Duty: Warzone
Credit: CharlieINTEL

The note also reads: "Tonight at 10. Lead Anchor Ray Gun's look at the state of Verdansk. All this and gore on BCH4 News."

The Zombies heading to the TV Station is the first time the horde has entered the northern half of the map. 

Despite having visited several other locations across Verdansk, a complete overrun of the map seems like a long way off for the time being.

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