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FIFA 21: Two celebrations withdrawn

FIFA 21: Two celebrations withdrawn

EA Sports is trying to decrease the toxicity within its game, and is making changes in consequence for FIFA 21.

FIFA 21: Two celebrations withdrawn

It went a bit unnoticed, but on the pitch notes EA Sports published about the FIFA 21 gameplay, one paragraph said: "Improved quality of life."

EA Sports decided to remove some celebrations considered as toxic, like the "Shhhhh!" or the famous Dele Alli "A-OK".

Here's watch pitch notes included for improving the quality of life:

  • Removal of some celebrations, including Shush and A-OK FUT Celebration.We are planning to make more changes in this area, so stay tuned.
  • Removal of the walk back cinematic after a goal in Online matches.
  • Reduced the length of goal celebrations.
  • Reduced the waiting time for multiple set pieces, which had all been set to 30 seconds at the launch of FIFA 20.
  1. Kick-off – 10 seconds
  2. Throw-in – 12 seconds
  3. Goal Kick – 15 seconds
  4. Corner Kick – 15 seconds
  5. Penalty Kick – 15 seconds
  6. Free Kick – 20 seconds
  7. Kick-in – 15 seconds (VOLTA FOOTBALL only)
  • Auto Skip some animation sequences when ball goes out of play in Online matches. For example: when a player goes fetch the ball on a throw-in situation, or when the keeper slowly walks to put the ball down for a goal kick.
  • Reworked logic to improve detection of when the half and end of match should finish.

FIFA 21: First impressions

We had the opportunity to play a little FIFA 21 during the Producer Tour. Here are our first impressions after several hours of playing the game's beta version.


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