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Tier List: The best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Tier List: The best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise
Weapon Tier List & S-Tier Weapons
  • A-Tier Weapons
  • B-Tier Weapons
  • C-Tier Weapons

Choosing the right weapon among the 14 available in Monster Hunter Rise is key to your success in both solo and multiplayer modes — so let our tier list do the heavy lifting for you.

Tier List: The best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Now that Monster Hunter Rise has been out for a few weeks, and players able to test the different weapons available in speedrun conditions, we're starting to get a solid picture of the best weapons in the game.

As such, we've put together a guide to help you get the most out of the options available.

Monster Hunter Rise: Weapons Tier List

Our list is divided into sections based on clear time, while taking into account the the difficulty of the weapon against its viability.

Always remember that the charm of Monster Hunter also comes from the diversity of weapons used and the different hunting styles that are possible.

There are no bad weapons in the game — they are all viable in expert hands. It's ultimately better to play with the weapon that suits you and your playstyle best, but a tier list based on the numbers is always a good guide.

Monster Hunter Rise
  • S — Weapons far better than all others, with accessible gameplay.
  • A — Above average weapons, with clear times quite close to each other but sometimes come with more complex gameplay.
  • B — Below average weapons or those that are difficult to play.
  • C — Weapons with significantly longer clear times than others, and/or those which require learning more difficult gameplay.

Read through the tiers for more details on how we rank the weapons.

S-Tier Weapons

S - Long Sword

One of the most popular weapons in the series' history, the Long Sword combines power, reach and versatility.

More formidable than ever in Rise, its Spirit Helm Breakers and counterattacks are devastating and can inflict enormous damage very quickly, while combos can be strung together with class.

Thanks to being an easy weapon to pick up, it remains one of the best choices.

S - Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn was previously the least popular weapon in the series, but a revamp of its gameplay — which has greatly simplified it while ramping up damage — means it is propelled to the top tier.

It's now able to knock out monsters while dealing insane damage, and without having to be an expert. In addition, its melodies can trigger a range of bonuses for both yourself and your group.

All-in, the Hunting Horn is an absolute must-have in multiplayer, although it also more than holds its own in single-player.

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Tier List: The best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise
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