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Shroud gives his opinion on Valorant's Competitive mode

Recently switched from Twitch to Mixer, Shroud let his mouth be heard and gave his impressions of Valorant in two Youtube videos. He discussed the lack of relevance of the Competitive mode, but also the differences between CS:GO and Riot Games' FPS.

Twitch Rivals: Team Brax win Launch Showdown

A Twitch Rivals tournament in Valorant took place to celebrate the official release of the game. The best players from around the world competed June 5-7 for a share of $200,000. In the end, Team Brax became the North American champion.

Patch to fix the battle pass issues implemented soon

Valorant has announced a patch to resolve concerns that arose during the official release earlier this week affecting the battle pass and the rewards. It will be deployed in the coming days region by region.

Skadoodle completes T1 Valorant roster

With the official release of the game, Valorant becomes more and more attractive for organizations. T1 finally completed its team with the addition of Skadoodle, which marks his return to the competitive scene.

Here's how to unlock all Valorant agents

You've just downloaded Valorant and are wondering how to unlock the eleven agents available in the game using the contracts? We explain everything in this article!

Valorant is now live — check out two new trailers!

Valorant is now live globally, and Riot Games has celebrated the occasion with two brand new trailers. Duelists is a hyper-stylish cinematic, while Ignition shows off gameplay on the new map, Ascent.

Meet Reyna, Valorant's eleventh agent

Reyna is the eleventh agent available in Valorant since the official release of the game. The sulfurous Mexican mercenary can heal herself thanks to orbs she collects from the corpses of her enemies. Unconventional but effective methods!

Check out Ascent, Valorant's Venice

Ascent is Valorant's fourth map. Available since the official release of the game, it's located in Italy and is a futuristic version of Venice.

Spike Rush, Valorant's new game mode

Spike Rush is the new game mode available since the official release of Valorant. Very arcade-oriented, it will be based on speed and will allow you to combine the mechanics of a normal game with bonuses making it much more fun to play.

Valorant: 1.0 Patch Notes

Valorant is officially available this June 2 and many changes have been made to the game. Check out Patch 1.0 and all its contents — Agents updates, map changes, competitive mode and graphical performance.

Valorant returns tomorrow 5AM PT / 7AM ET

We already knew that Valorant was officially due to be released on June 2, but we didn't know the exact time. Now Riot Games has just revealed that the North Amercan servers will open at 5AM PT / 7AM ET.


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