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Find out all about the top level of competitive Fortnite esports — players, teams, results, tournaments and more.

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Fortnite Australian Open Summer Smash: Check out all results

Once again the Australian Open tournament will be combined with the Fortnite Summer Smash event. A Pro-Am will take place on Friday — mixing professional players and celebrities for charity — while a solo competition will occur on Saturday to reward the best player of the weekend.


Is Fortnite a sport? PlayVS makes it official!

Have you ever dreamed of being able to play video games at school? Now it's possible in the United States, after Fortnite becomes an official sport in many institutions.


Fortnite player Mitr0 joins Team Liquid

The American organization enriches its Fortnite roster with the Dutch player Mitr0 — a key asset just a few weeks before the start of the next competitive season.


Epic Games bans signaling for 2020 Fortnite competitive play

For 2020, Epic Games starts its good resolutions by being firm towards players who use collusion and signaling in competitive games. The publisher has revealed a list of very strict rules for the future.


The Fortnite Winter Royale Duos 2019: all final standings leaderboard available

This 2019 edition of the Winter Royale will be held in Duos, during three days of fierce competition. The particularity of the tournament is that all platforms will be highlighted: PC, Xbox, PS4, and Switch/Mobile/Touch. Find in our dedicated article an overview of the regulations.


Fortnite FNCS Finals & Champs

The competition has ended. We now know the big winners of this Fortnite FNCS Finals. Discover the final rankings for NA-West and NA-East areas in this article.


Watch the FNCS Final to win a spray and a banner

For the Fortnite Final of the FNCS from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 December, Epic Games is offering an exclusive spray and banner. Find out how to get them.


FaZe Clan Fortnite streamer EwOk heads to Mixer

14-year old Fortnite prodigy Soleil "EwOk" Wheeler announced the move from Twitch to Mixer on social media. She is the latest in a series of top content creators to make the move from the Amazon-owned platform to its Microsoft-owned rival.


Is Fortnite's Fishing Rod a new essential item in competitive late game?

Pro players have found a very relevant way to use the fishing rod at the end of the game, to retrieve objects from a distance. Materials, RPG.... A very good way to avoid being dry at the end of the game, which was highlighted by Tfue at the FNCS!

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