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ShaDowBurn leaves the Overwatch League

Former Paris Eternal and Philadelphia Fusion player, almost champion of the first OW World Cup, Russian DPS player ShaDowBurn has decided to leave the Overwatch League.


All Overwatch League homestands cancelled, matches to take place online

The coronavirus has struck again, and Blizzard is bearing the brunt. All homestands for this 2020 season have now been cancelled, and all games will be played online. For now, the question of whether or not to play the Grand Final online remains unresolved.


Enjoy Chengdu Hunters Official Theme Song

If you like the Overwatch League and Japanese anime, Chengdu Hunters has released its official theme song that you should like!


Overwatch League events cancelled due to coronavirus fear

The decision is final. No Overwatch League events will take place in March and April. However, the matches will take place and will be streamed with some scheduling changes coming up.


Overwatch Contenders 2020 Season is about to begin!

If you follow Overwatch competitive scene, Contenders won't be a novelty for you. If you're interested in talent from all over the world, this tournament should delight you, which is why we summarize everything for you before the start of the season.


Reinhardt, Moira, Widowmaker and McCree will be the first banned heroes!

Next week, the Hero Pool will be officially used in the Overwatch League. One Tank, two DPS and one Support were selected by drawing from among the most played heroes. Moira, McCree, Widowmaker and Reinhardt will be the first heroes to be banned!


OWL: Seoul Dynasty and Gen.G Esports to help coronavirus victims

On Twitter, Seoul Dynasty and Gen.G Esports have announced that they will be contributing to funds to support the victims of the coronavirus outbreak. All their income from the March homestand, merchandise sales and purchases of in-game skins will go to victim support associations.


Chinese and Korean homestands canceled due to coronavirus outbreak

Blizzard has announced the cancellation of the matches in China and South Korea from February to March, a total of 6 homestands are concerned. The coronavirus continues to rage and more and more radical but beneficial decisions are announced for the good of all.


The most played heroes of OWL Week 1

The first week of the Overwatch League is over, and some great games have taken place in New York City and Dallas. Check out the most played heroes, classified by role, as well as a first preview of the future Hero Pool that will be launched next March!

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