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Overwatch League Philadelphia Fusion: composition, roster, logo

Overwatch League Philadelphia Fusion: composition, roster, logo

Philadelphia Fusion is one of the twenty teams competing in Season 3 of the Overwatch League. Find the list of players, their history and all the information about the franchise.

Overwatch League Philadelphia Fusion: composition, roster, logo

Here's everything you need to know about Philadelphia Fusion.

Current team

Jae-hyeok "Carpe" Lee



Widowmaker, Tracer, McCree, Hanzo, Zarya

Gael "Poko" Gouzerch



D.Va, Zarya, Soldier 76, Mei

Josue/Josh "Eqo" Corona



Genji, Pharah, Junkrat, Hanzo, Roadhog

Su-min "SADO" Kim



Winston, Reinhardt

Isaac "Boombox" Charles



Zenyatta, Ana, Moira

Lee "Ivy" Seung-hyun



Genji, Pharah, Tracer, Zarya

Kim "Fury" Jun-ho



D.Va, Zarya, Roadhog, Pharah, Soldier 76

Kim "Alarm" Kyung-bo



Ana, Zenyatta, Lucio

Daniel "FunnyAstro" Hathaway



Lucio, Mercy

Philip "ChipSa" Graham



Doomfist, Genji


The Philadelphia Fusion was launched on November 1, 2017. The franchise is owned by Tucker Roberts, the son of the CEO of Comcast who owns the Philadelphia Flyers. Due to Visa problems, Philadelphia was the only team not to participate in the pre-season and so they began their training together only some time before the beginning of Stage 1.

The team name and logo are inspired by the origin of the word that surrounds the process of several distinct entities that come together to create a new entity generating power.

2018 Season Results

With players from nine different countries, making them the most diverse squad in the league, the Fusion were one of the most surprising teams throughout the 2018 Overwatch League season. After finishing stage 1 on a strong six- and four-loss record, Philadelphia really started to win in stage 2, with seven wins and three losses that earned them a place in the stage finals. In these games, the Fusion beat stage 1 champions London Spitfire before losing to New York Excelsior after a close match. Philadelphia then completed stage 3 on five wins and five losses and stage 4 on six wins and four losses, missing the stage finals in both cases, but finishing sixth and last for the playoffs. During the post-season, the Fusion showed themselves to be in top form: they eliminated Boston 2-1 in the quarter-finals to face New York Excelsior, first in the standings, in the semi-finals. Although four of their five duels against the New Yorkers have ended in defeats so far, the Fusion have managed to win this one. This impressive journey was abruptly interrupted in the final: the Fusion could do nothing against London Spitfire's dexterity and talent.



Season 2

  • 11-12th

Season 1

  • 2nd

Team's skins


Official jerseys


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