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LoL: Riot asked Gangplank mains what they want, and here's their answer

LoL: Riot asked Gangplank mains what they want, and here's their answer

Gangplank used to be a champion who was feared heading into the late-game in League of Legends, but now he's no longer a threat after 35 minutes.

LoL: Riot asked Gangplank mains what they want, and here's their answer

With Patch 11.15 soon to be released, it seems that Riot Games is already thinking ahead. League of Legends champion Gangplank could be receiving some adjustments. 

At the moment two paths are being considered:

  • Give you a stronger lane-phase.
  • Give you a stronger late-game.

A Better Late-Game

The response from the players was swift, and the majority voted in favor of a better late-game for the Gangplank. Players often find themselves in a split-push around half an hour into the game, and it usually comes down to using Gangplank's Ultimate, Cannon Barrage, from the other end of the map. Gangplank's lane-phase already has many advantages, as he can easily harass his opponent with his Q - Parrrley to get out of a difficult situation, and heal himself with his W - Remove Scurvy.

The lane-phase isn't much of an issue at the moment, though you can see that the longer the match, the more the champion's win rate drops. Up to the 20th minute he has around 48%, and between 30 and 35 minutes this rate is only 45.75% (all ranges). Considering that the average duration of the map is around 25/35 minutes, it's clear the champion is in bad shape — Gangplank runs out of strength once the 4-item mark is exceeded. 

Gangplank is still a niche champion, so this situation must be especially frustrating for fans. He is chosen 3% of the time, for just a 0.9% ban, and has an overall win rate (all roles combined) of just 45.3% according to League of Graphs. So the idea would be to offer him a buff that would reduce the effectiveness of the Immortal's Claws, which is easily activated with his Q during the lane-phase.

Although these changes may never be put in place, it does seem to be a trend to make small adjustments to champions in similar situations — as was the case for Irelia.


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