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LoL: How long is a teamfight? The statistical data that will make you a better player

LoL: How long is a teamfight? The statistical data that will make you a better player

This data will make you think about League of Legends in a completely different way than you have done so far.

LoL: How long is a teamfight? The statistical data that will make you a better player

One of the reasons why competitive League of Legends continues to attract so many fans is possibly the pace of games.

Unlike other more dynamic esports in which things always happen, such as in shooters, there's a fair bit of downtime in League. This is somewhat similar to football, which continues to be the most-followed sport on the planet despite the fact that many games end without goals.

Most of the time spent in League is in preparation for teamfights. But just how long does a typical teamfight last?

That is a question that Joushi, part of the North American League of Legends scene, has asked himself -- and to answer that quandary, he has carried out a complete statistical study.

Through a Twitter thread, Joushi established the average length of a teamfight, starting with a clear definition of what a teamfight is:

  • Minimum of 5 champions.
  • Minimum of 2 champions from each team.
  • At least one death.
  • Measured from first CC or aggressive dash until a 3 second period where no damage is dealt (eliminate long chases)

With the conditions set, he established that it is normal for teamfights to last an average of 15 seconds . His sample was taken from the seventh week of the North American LCS, which offered a good number of teamfights for him to extrapolate his results.

Based on this information, Joushi gave a series of tips. The first is that if it takes you 15 seconds or more to reach a teamfight, it is most likely that the fight is already over.  He also says that having Teleport available should guarantee you reach the fight, but where you move is key to knowing whether to take part or not.

It's the '15 seconds' fact that will make you think differently, even about your champions. A 15-second cooldown skill could be used at both the beginning and end of more than half of teamfights.

From this conclusion we can decide whether to buy ability haste items or not.

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