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The FFXIV Screenshot Sweepstakes Contest Ends Today

The FFXIV Screenshot Sweepstakes Contest Ends Today

The FFXIV Screenshot Sweepstakes Contest will soon come to an end and here's everything you need to know about the event.

The FFXIV Screenshot Sweepstakes Contest Ends Today

The Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot Sweepstakes Contest will end today at 8am (PDT) so it's not too late just yet if you want to submit your screenshot and try to win some exclusive rewards.

How to participate in the contest

To participate in the event you will need to take a screenshot using the group pose option and share it on Twitter with the official EN Account.

Here is what you need to include in your tweet to be eligible for 200 winner random selection:

Attach a screenshot of your character in your favorite location taken using the in-game Group Pose feature
Both #FFXIV and #FavDungeonSweepstakes hashtags
Your full in-game character name
Your World name
An “@” mention to @FF_XIV_EN
Comment (optional)
In-game item of your choice from the prize list.

Sightseeing Screenshot Sweepstakes Rewards

The rewards for this event are the following:

  • Modern Aesthetics – Strife
  • Scarf of the Wondrous Wit
  • Mandragora Choker
  • Noble Barding
  • Gaelicap
  • Bluebird Earring
  • Ahriman Choker

The FFXIV One-Time passwords now have new options

If you're looking to protect your FFXIV account with a One-Time password you'll now be able to use Google Authentificator and more.

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There are seven dragons mounts in Final Fantasy XIV that can be obtained from the Shadowbringers Extreme bosses and here's our guide on how to get them.

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