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New Warzone bug gives players 8 weapons from loadout drop

New Warzone bug gives players 8 weapons from loadout drop

Players are getting plenty of value from a loadout drop thanks to this bizarre bug.

New Warzone bug gives players 8 weapons from loadout drop

Game-breaking bugs and exploits have been few and far between during Season 3 of Warzone

This latest exploit is much less severe than managing to get underneath the map, and it may even give players an advantage over the opposition.

When accessing a loadout drop, players have been able to duplicate some weapons that have been predetermined prior to dropping into the action.


Warzone Loadout Drop Weapon Duplication

Reddit user "leespeed91" posted a clip of the bizarre bug.

Rather than deflating once all members of the squad have selected a loadout, the drop deflates after one player has earned their loadout. Instead of leaving no trace of it being there, a wealth of RPGs and sniper rifles appear from thin air, much to the surprise of the player that was simply after their loadout.

Despite squads being able to access one specific loadout, some players have reported that they are unable to get their own loadouts which could ultimately hinder those that have their own loadouts to play Warzone in a particular style

Raven Software has yet to acknowledge the issue but considering that several players are beginning to report the bug, it will be only a matter of time before the issue is addressed.

Raven Software reveals nerf to Streetsweeper is coming

Warzone's developer isn't hanging about with changes to certain weapons!


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