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The FFXIV Fan Festival 2021 will not accept visitors

The FFXIV Fan Festival 2021 will not accept visitors

The on-stage events of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2021 will only be accessible online as a new state of emergency has been announced in Japan.

The FFXIV Fan Festival 2021 will not accept visitors

The Final Fantasy XIV will be able to enjoy an online edition of the Fan Festival and until recently a crowd was even planned for the on-stage events.

Due to the recent state of emergency declared in Tokyo, Square Enix decided to change how things will take place for Around The World.

Originally planned to be held in the Tokyo Garden Theater in Japan from May 14 to 15 the on-stage events will still happen but the theater will keep its doors shut.

"All stage events and digital activities will be carried out as originally planned while following thorough safety guidelines for all participants. Stage events are still planned to be streamed as well, so be sure to join us from home! As this will be our very first Digital Fan Festival that allows players around the globe to participate together, let’s make it fun and unforgettable!" explained Square Enix on the lodestone.

If you missed the complete planning for this year's fan festival here is our dedicated article.

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