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Activision reveals over 475,000 bans have been issued on Warzone

Activision reveals over 475,000 bans have been issued on Warzone

The ban hammer has swung plenty of times according to Warzone's publisher.

Activision reveals over 475,000 bans have been issued on Warzone

In the April 12th edition of the Call of Duty Blog, publisher Activision has shared details on how it's dealing with the constant issue of cheaters appearing in Warzone.

Cheaters have been a huge issue within the battle royale since it launched back in March 2020 and they are still proving problematic over a year since its release. 

450,000 Warzone Accounts Banned Since Release

Rather than opting to release a dedicated anti-cheat for the battle royale, the publisher has taken a different route when it comes to dealing with cheaters. Activision has shut down several websites selling cheats along with issuing waves of bans on a regular basis.

The blog reveals that over 475,000 accounts have been permanently banned from Warzone, with cheaters appearing less frequently but despite its best efforts, cheaters continue to plague the battle royale.

A Small Dent

While it's likely over half a million cheaters will never be able to drop into Verdansk ever again, the number is relatively small in comparison to the tens of millions of players that play Warzone.

The steps made are certainly positive but there are no signs of a dedicated anti-cheat being added anytime soon.

Calling Card referencing Warzone's nuke event discovered

Despite the nuke event not receiving acknowledgment, a Black Ops Cold War calling card referencing the upcoming event has been found.


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