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Rocket League Season 3 is here, along with a new Rocket Pass

Rocket League Season 3 is here, along with a new Rocket Pass

Here is all the details on the new Season's features as well as the Rocket Pass content

Rocket League Season 3 is here, along with a new Rocket Pass

Rocket League Season 3 has kicked off, no client update is required and its all live now!

This season introduces the Tyranno car as well as the DFH Stadium (Circuit), features which fit the Nascar and F1 theme. New tournaments are also being introduced, with new Rewards and Titles; as well as Season Challenges for the new season, although only Stage 1 is live with a countdown for the other stages.


Season 3 Competitive has begun! Here are the Season 3 changes:

3v3 Standard, 2v2 Doubles:
- Adjusted MMR thresholds to address underpopulation in Diamond ranks and above. These ranks were significantly less populated than in previous seasons, so we are bringing their requirements into line for Season 3.
- Each Tier from Champion I through Grand Champion III will have a slightly wider MMR range than in Season 2.
- Supersonic Legend is not affected by these changes.

Extra Modes:
- Each tier’s MMR range is now narrower to better reflect the skill distribution of these playlists. In practice, this means that Champion+ ranks are reachable at lower MMR numbers.

All Modes:
- Reduced the intensity of the MMR compression we apply for new seasons.
- High-Tier players will not drop as much with this soft reset compared to previous Seasons.

Rocket Pass

A lot of the pass's content revolves around the new car, Tyranno, which uses the Dominus hitbox.

As part of the commitment to remove uncertainty from in-game purchases, the Pro Tiers have been updated. The rewards will now be more consistent for all players, and will be visible before unlocking. All Pro Tier Rewards will feature a Painted attribute, and Special Edition items will appear occasionally.

Tier 1-10 rewards - Rocket League
Tier 1-10 rewards

Premium Tiers 1 to 10 introduces Tyranno, as well the 'Pylon' Rocket Boost, racer-themed Wheels, and the 'Threestyle' Decal for Tyranno.

Tier 11-20 rewards - Rocket League
Tier 11-20 rewards

Premium Tiers 11 to 20 gives a 'Chequered Flag' Rocket Boost, as well as a couple more Wheel designs and Decals.

Tier 21-30 rewards - Rocket League
Tier 21-30 rewards

Premium Tiers 21 to 30 starts to add new Paint Finishes to the mix, with 'Diamond Plate' at Tier 21. as well as limited Decals.

Tier 31-40 rewards - Rocket League
Tier 31-40 rewards

Premium Tiers 31 to 40 gives the 'Diecast Spark' Rocket Boost, the 'Sport Cycle' Engine Audio, and an Animated Decal - 'Battlemender'.

Tier 41-50 rewards - Rocket League
Tier 41-50 rewards

Premium Tiers 41 to 50 give an animated 'Chequered Flag' Player Banner, more Decals, more Wheels and a brain-textured 'Mastermind' Paint Finish.

Tier 51-60 rewards - Rocket League
Tier 51-60 rewards

Premium Tiers 51 to 60 give some more cartoony content, with the 'Hatch' Wheels and 'Toon Sketch' Animated Decal for Octane. Tier 53 also gives the 'Pixel Pointer' Trail, while Tyranno gets another Animated Decal at Tier 55.

Tier 61-70 rewards - Rocket League
Tier 61-70 rewards

The final set of Premium Tiers gives some more colourful options, with a 'Star Princess' Rocket Boost and 'Zadeh S3: Inverted' Wheels. Players can also get a couple more Animated Decals, but the crown jewels are the 'Chequered Flag' Goal Explosion and the Tyranno GXT Body.

Premium members can continue to earn content up to Tier 100, with these last 30 Tiers being recolours of previously unlocked content.

All this is just for those who pay for the Rocket Pass Premium. Players who only use the Free Pass can still earn content however, mostly Drops. Paint Finishes, Engine Audios, and Decals are all available for free; as well as a 'Rumble Strip' Trail.

The Rocket Pass is absolutely packed with racing-themed content, a great celebration of the Nascar and F1 collaboration.

Rocket League mobile game announced, with a 2021 release

Rocket League Sideswipe will be a standalone game, free-to-play, scheduled to launch in 2021.


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