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Nighttime Rebirth Island mode coming to Warzone

Nighttime Rebirth Island mode coming to Warzone

According to recent leaks, Rebirth Island could be receiving a nighttime playlist in the not-too-distant future.

Nighttime Rebirth Island mode coming to Warzone

While a lot of attention is on the impending demise of Verdansk, data miners have uncovered what could be a brand-new playlist for Warzone's second map, Rebirth Island.

The Nova 6 facility was added to the battle royale at the beginning of Season One as part of Black Ops Cold War's integration and has proved a hit among players looking for an alternative map to play on.

Nighttime modes have previously featured in Warzone with Verdansk receiving a limited-time mode that saw players drop into the game under the cover of darkness.

Here's everything we know about nighttime Rebirth Island.

Notable leaker @ZestyCODLeaks revealed that a playlist name for a new Rebirth Island mode had been added into the files of the game as part of update 1.34.

The mode allegedly known as Rebirth Resurgence (Night) will be a take on the Resurgence mode which has featured on a regular basis.

Rebirth Island Night Release Date

Despite no official information being released by Activision or Raven Software, there is a very high chance that this mode could appear before the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3 where all eyes will be on the new iteration of Verdansk.

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