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Ural Mountains map layout leaked

Ural Mountains map layout leaked

As Verdansk enters its final few weeks before its demise, leaks have emerged revealing the layout of the heavily-rumored Ural Mountains map.

Ural Mountains map layout leaked

As the horde of undead continues to spread across Verdansk, a new leak has revealed the layout for the heavily-rumored Ural Mountains map. 

Despite the leak, it appears that Verdansk is heading back to the 1980s with a few new points of interest along with existing areas of the map receiving a new coat of paint. 

While this may disappoint many players that were expecting a brand-new map, a leaker has uncovered an image of the full Ural Mountains map that was going to be added to the game.


According to the leaker, the map has been cut from the game due to issues with swimming mechanics and the game working well with the existing Modern Warfare arsenal. 

There have also been reports of the map being used for a second installment of Blackout, Call of Duty's first attempt at a battle royale.

With the likelihood of seeing this map in action increasingly high, it's certainly a shame that players will never get the chance to drop into what appears to be a map full of diverse settings and plenty of options to expand.

The new Warzone map is expected to launch

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