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Sentinels signs TenZ as substitute for suspended sinatraa

Sentinels signs TenZ as substitute for suspended sinatraa

Sentinels has brought TenZ on board of their VALORANT team to stand in for sinatraa during VCT Masters Stage 1.

Sentinels signs TenZ as substitute for suspended sinatraa

Esports organization Sentinels has brought Tyson "TenZ" Ngo on board of their VALORANT roster as a substitute for the currently suspended Jay "sinatraa" Won. TenZ will be competing for Sentinels for the remainder of the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Stage 1.

First jumping into the spotlight during VALORANT's beta, where he was the first to reach the highest rank possible in North America, TenZ generated a lot of buzz. He was signed by Cloud9, but after the team failed to live up to expectations, TenZ decided to take a step back from competing. He was still contracted by Cloud9 up until now, however, meaning he had to be bought out by Sentinels. While normally rosters would already be locked for Masters, Riot Games granted an exception to the rule.

The exception comes due to the unique circumstances TenZ is joining Sentinels under. Sentinels player Jay "sinatraa" Won was suspended from competing pending an ongoing investigation into his behaviour, after his former girlfriend came forward with strong accusations of sexual and mental abuse.

Both Riot Games and Sentinels are looking into the allegations, deciding what to do with sinatraa's future as a VALORANT competitor. sinatraa released a statement shortly after the allegations were made, stating he would fully comply with the investigation.


sinatraa suspended from competitive VALORANT, responds to sexual assault allegations

VALORANT pro Jay "sinatraa" Won has been suspended from competitive VALORANT pending Riot Games investigations, and has released a brief statement.

Image courtesy Cloud9.


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