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New Roadhog skin in Overwatch's PachiMarchi event

New Roadhog skin in Overwatch's PachiMarchi event

Overwatch's latest event, the PachiMarchi Challenge, started March 9—bringing the chance to grab a selection of Pachimari rewards!

New Roadhog skin in Overwatch's PachiMarchi event

The PachiMarchi event on Overwatch began yesterday, bringing a total of nine rewards for players!

In the classic Overwatch challenge format, every three wins will net you a reward; with a further six Sprays that feature art from the community which are available to collect.

Running from the 9th-22nd, here is what is up for grabs!

  • 3 Wins - Pachimari Hat icon
  • 6 Wins - Pachimari Junkrat emote
  • 9 Wins - Pachimari Roadhog skin

The six new Sprays are also Pachimari themed, featuring multiple heroes that have been Pachimar-ized. These are obtainable by simply logging into Overwatch during the event.

Junkimari - Overwatch
Tranquilmari - Overwatch
Pachirilla - Overwatch
Pachimada - Overwatch
Doomari - Overwatch
Hackimari - Overwatch

Make sure you log in and get those wins to get these Pachi-dorable rewards. Roadhog's Secret Friend emote partners up wonderfully with his new Pachimari skin.


New content is coming to Overwatch in 2021

While BlizzConline didn't show much for Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan has now revealed that new content is coming for the game this year.


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