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VALORANT: New agent and map teased

VALORANT: New agent and map teased

Riot Games has just unveiled the first teaser for the 15th agent to join the VALORANT roster Valorant, alongside a glimpse at what could be a sketch of a brand new map.

VALORANT: New agent and map teased

Hot on the heels of the Yoru release, Riot Games has released a teaser on Twitter for the next VALORANT agent, which will be the fifteenth.

The image was posted on social media and depicts a sketch book with several drawings and notes:

There is a lot of information contained in this image. First of all, we can assume that this new character knows the other agents in the game, thanks to the teasing drawings of Phoenix, Brimstone, Viper and Reyna.

They also seem to know the explosives specialist, Raze, with one of his grenades depicted. Omen is also mentioned.

The "Cosmic Divide" mentioned could relate to one of their abilities. On the sketch of what appears to be the next map to come into play, in the bottom right, we can see three spheres with planetary rings positioned differently. A note suggests that these are "its locations," and therefore potentially traps.

This would fit well with the drawing on the bottom left of the notebook, showing Viper being chased by one of these spheres. They could be triggered once an enemy walks past, and which then stalk them for a given time or until they reach the enemy.

This staging, putting the poison expert in a delicate situation, could be the first visual clue for the fifteenth agent, as it doesn't not corresponding to any known character.

First visual clue for the 15th agent? - Valorant
First visual clue for the 15th agent?

We could assume that the agent is female, from the finesse of their fingers and also in the view of the sketch that you can see above.

This character, very clearly linked to space or what comes close to it, tackles a futuristic look with an all-gold left hand and a punk hairstyle.

According to the developers, this agent will have the role of Controller.

Not much else is known about them at the moment, but we can expect more teasers in the days to come — and maybe even her name. Stay tuned!


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