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Apex Legends: Chaos Theory Event leaks

Apex Legends: Chaos Theory Event leaks

Apex Legends' next event has been leaked, Chaos Theory. Centered around the character of Caustic, it could be available in March

Apex Legends: Chaos Theory Event leaks

While the Apex Legends Anniversary event has been extended for an additional week, some dataminers have reportedly already got their hands on the next event.

Called "Chaos Theory”, expected to start around March 11, alongside the game's release on Nintendo Switch.

Credit: @TitanfallBlog - Apex Legends
Credit: @TitanfallBlog

Caustic is expected to take over part of Kings Canyon during a new Town Takeover at the water treatment center.


Bangalore is also expected to receive its own Legacy set, featuring a melee weapon skin, entrance voice, and banner. You can collect 150 fragments in Anniversary event, and save them for the Bangalore, if that’s your weapon of choice.

Datamineur Biast12 tweeted a list of skins that will also be available in the Chaos Theory event.


  • Caustic
  • Crypto
  • Gibraltar
  • Loba
  • Rampart
  • Revenant
  • Wattson


  • Octane
  • Caustic
  • Wattson

Respawn will hopefully be updating us on this event soon.

The Apex Legends Anniversary Event is extended for one week!

Apex Legends has celebrated its two years and for the occasion a special event has been deployed in the game. The latter was to end on February 23 but the developers have decided to extend it for a week. You still have until March 2 to take advantage of it!


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