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VALORANT Game Changers: A new series of competitions for female players only

VALORANT Game Changers: A new series of competitions for female players only

The VCT Game Changers join the already established branches of the VALORANT Champions Tour by offering two new formats: the Game Changers Series and the Game Changers Academy, both exclusively for female players.

VALORANT Game Changers: A new series of competitions for female players only

"Competing on a game can be extremely intimidating for women," says Anna Donlon, Executive Producer for VALORANT, "and that can very quickly become a serious handicap."

The answer is the VCT Game Changers, a new branch of the VALORANT Champions Tour reserved for female competitors.

The VCT Game Changers offers two sub-branches, first of all the VCT Game Changers Series : high-level tournaments organized at various times of the year and endowed with cash prizes equivalent to the Ignitions Series. Next comes the VCT Game Changers Academy, closer to the semi-professional level, with monthly meetings between the registered teams.

For all these new events, it will not only be Riot at the helm, the publisher has joined forces with Nerd Gamer Street (at the origin of the FTW Summer Showdown, an Ignition Series reserved for women, organized last September) as well as Galorants (a community of competitors on Valorant) who will be responsible for organizing the Game Changers Academy meetings.

New VALORANT Mode announced: Escalation

A brand new game mode is coming to VALORANT, called Escalation, on February 17. It's a short, casual team format.


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