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Wild Rift: Top-ranked player suspected of win trading and elo boosting

Wild Rift: Top-ranked player suspected of win trading and elo boosting

According to several pros, win trading and elo boosting are plaguing the top rank in Leagye of org.

Wild Rift: Top-ranked player suspected of win trading and elo boosting

At the start of the week, several professional Wild Rift players expressed suspicions of elo boosting and win trading against the player who currently occupies first place in the European ladder.

Their nickname, written in Chinese, seemingly translates as "I BUY LP, add me in WeChat". 

The accusation was relayed by some of the best European players, including Darkbreaker, a player for Nova Esports. The problem is apparently not confined to a single dishonest player, with Challenger rank actually infested with win trading duos.

What is win trading?

Win trading is a strategy used at high elo in MOBA titles, where in two players queue at the same time in order to be placed on different teams in the same match. 

The second player will then proceed to influence the game to the point of defeat, benefitting the first. 

This phenomenon has been observable in League of Legends for several years now, but this is the first time that it has been seen in this way — and at such a high level — on the EU Wild Rift server.

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