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Pantheon gets graphical update before Wild Rift release

Pantheon gets graphical update before Wild Rift release

Following a raft of changes to Pantheon's model ahead of his debut in Wild Rift, Riot have reacted to community sentiment with some adjustments.

Pantheon gets graphical update before Wild Rift release

Revealed to the general public on February 1, Pantheon is slated for a Wild Rift debut sometime in March, alongside Diana, Leona and Katarina.

However, after a recent developer update, fans had noticed that Pantheon's model had been shorn of its chest hair, and that didn't sit well.

More amused than truly outraged, players begin to question the decision, especially on Reddit.

In response, Riot agreed to review their choices, and an official post explained they were "rolling out a hotfix for some adjustments to the models of upcoming champs and skins."

Wild Rift

The Spartan can now sleep soundly, knowing he'll likely be very well received when he's finally unleashed upon the mobile Rift.

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The Lunar Beast event introduces League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 2.1. It will feature exclusive rewards for completing themed quests. Here's an update on the festivities that will last until March.


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