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Mobile-only Miss Fortune skin coming to Wild Rift

Mobile-only Miss Fortune skin coming to Wild Rift

In an effort to differentiate Wild Rift from League of Legends, Riot Games has teased an mobile-exclusive Miss Fortune skin.

Mobile-only Miss Fortune skin coming to Wild Rift

Wild Rift is already planning a year full of news — with several upcoming events, and two new champions every month in 2021.

The developers have also revealed several elements that will differentiate Wild Rift will from League of Legends (PC) — at least regarding the shop.

Brian Feeney, Lead Designer of Wild Rift, announced a Miss Fortune skin unique to Wild Rift during the January 8th stream. In other words, it won't be available on PC.

Wild Rift

Brian Feeney also explained that the teams are already working on the very first skinline from Wild Rift. It's quite possible that these skins are first released in Wild Rift but are imported later on PC.

We can expect that in the future, the game will be a little more autonomous from League of Legends in terms of content, events or cosmetics.

If you're a collector looking for skins and variants for the champions of the Runeterra universe, Wild Rift may well interest you sooner than you thought!

Original content by Romain "Zorg" Becquelin.

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