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Nothing says 'new year' like new skins in Wild Rift!

Nothing says 'new year' like new skins in Wild Rift!

Get started in 2021 with brand new Wild Rift skins! Garen, Ashe, Miss Fortune and Braum are in the spotlight this time.

There are some new features about League of Legends: Wild Rift. Brand new cosmetics have appeared in-game at the dawn of this new year. Four new skins are now available in the game's store. Each of them costs 725 Wild Hearts.


Braum Lionheart - Wild Rift
Braum Lionheart
Steel Legion Garen - Wild Rift
Steel Legion Garen
Arcade Miss Fortune - Wild Rift
Arcade Miss Fortune
Queen Ashe - Wild Rift
Queen Ashe

Braum, the giant with biceps wider than our thighs, can now wear the Lionheart skin. Beware: despite his big heart, the supporter won't give you a gift if you're his opponent.

As for Garen, he's getting a Steel Legion skin. Play as the top lane warrior and defeat your enemies with his wide sword, which for the occasion has an electric appearance.

Miss Fortune moves in a completely different direction. Bilgewater's captain has swapped her pirate outfit for a more contemporary look. The Arcade skin is now available in Wild Rift.

Finally, Ashe changes from Warlord to Queen. The frost archer is more ruthless than ever in her new skin!

Original content by Célia "Lolisa".

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