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Warzone Invisibility Glitch, How To Fix, Causes, Attack Helicopter Removed

Warzone Invisibility Glitch, How To Fix, Causes, Attack Helicopter Removed

After the Season 1 update, a glitch that turns players invisible has been discovered in Warzone. In response, Raven Software has removed Attack Helicopters from the battle royale.

Warzone Invisibility Glitch, How To Fix, Causes, Attack Helicopter Removed

Article Updated on 1/11

After removing Attack Helicopters seemingly fixed the invisibility glitch, players have found that the bug has reappeared.

Season One has been a rocky one for Warzone. Several glitches and bugs have plagued the battle royale alongside a player base that is expressing its frustration surrounding a lack of weapon balance. 

It is currently unclear as to when a fix will be applied.

Article updated on 12/17

Raven Software have confirmed that it has removed Attack Helicopters in a bid to fix the invisibility glitch that is currently plaguing Warzone.

Original article before update

Whether on Verdansk or Rebirth Island, the Season 1 update for Warzone has allowed players to turn invisible thanks to an unintentional glitch.

It is obviously possible to enter the glitch by using Attack Helicopters but in order to prevent more players from exploiting it, we're not going to post the solution!

It is clear that the community isn't happy with this bug.

You can be invisible without knowing it, so do not use the helicopter until a fix has been implemented.

If you think you've found an invisible player, switch to thermal optics to spot them.

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