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Six-year old RowdyRogan FAKED Warzone ban

Six-year old RowdyRogan FAKED Warzone ban

At the beginning of December, six-year old RowdyRogan was "banned" from Warzone but PCGamer did some digging and uncovered that the ban was in fact staged.

Six-year old RowdyRogan FAKED Warzone ban

Photo credit: RowdyRogan

"A staging to cause controversy, touch hearts, and thus prove to FaZe Clan that the young child was ready for the world of esports" - that's a bit of how one might classify this story.

Six-year old Warzone player RowdyRogan became the center of controversy after it appeared that he had been banned from the battle royale.

In North America, Warzone is rated M, meaning that only people 17 years old and over should be playing the battle royale.

PC Gamer did some research and it turns out that he and his parents had in fact faked the ban.

Why the video?

As part of the FaZe5 challenge, one of the criteria was to make a viral video that felt real. To an extent, RowdyRogan and his parents did this extremely well.

After Activision confirmed that he hadn't been banned to PC Gamer, many took to social media to express their opinions on the matter.

Opinion: A 6-year old on Warzone?

A six-year old SHOULD NOT be playing any form of shooting games such as Warzone, whether he is playing with a parent or not.

Video games have an age rating on them for a specific reason and it seems somewhat irresponsible of his parents for even letting him drop into Verdansk.

On top of that, they faked a video. It isn't exactly a good look for everyone involved, even if the criteria of the recruitment challenge had been met.

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