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Genshin Impact developers finally talk about Zhongli

Genshin Impact developers finally talk about Zhongli

Since its release last November, Zhongli has been talked about a lot due to general dissatisfaction with his kit and various bugs. After more than a month of silence, the developers of Genshin Impact have now decided to share their impressions of the character.

Genshin Impact developers finally talk about Zhongli

Zhongli was without a doubt the most anticipated character during the release of Genshin Impact Update 1.1. The players were inflamed at the sight of different videos suggesting that the geo hero would be an all-fire DPS that would crush his enemies with a single wave of the hand.

Suffice to say that these players fell from the heights when Zhongli's kit was unveiled, showing that the character would not be a powerful DPS but a support - just as powerful. Their dismay only increased when a bug concerning the hero's 2nd constellation was brought to light.

Various problems therefore on which the developers had to look very quickly, before finally expressing themselves today on the official forum of miHoYo. Between sharing thoughts on the character and announcing bug fixes, here is the summary of what the developers of Genshin Impact announced.

Genshin Impact

Zhongli's design

First of all, the developers explain the fact that their original intention for Zhongli was to build a kit with as diverse mechanics as possible - as is generally the case for all of their characters.

Zhongli is indeed not a DPS, but indeed a support that is committed to protecting and defending its allies against all possible threats. For this purpose, two techniques have emerged: its jade shield which allows tremendous absorption and coverage against damage without having to depend on good equipment, and its meteor drop which does considerable geo damage to enemies while petrifying them.

Unlike DPS, Zhongli's role is to provide safe and stable protection for his allies in all combat environments.
Dev (Source)

Zhongli is therefore a character made to survive and protect his allies. The improvement effects will also allow him to increase his survival during the various fights and not to increase his elemental damage. Well optimized, the character can even solo some bosses like the Wolf of the North thanks to his overpowered shield.


The developers then move on to the major problem encountered to date with Zhongli's kit. As we told you a little above, the players were quickly dismayed by the problem of exploitation of the 2nd constellation of the character.

Normally when the constellation "Stone, the Cradle of Jade" is active, the "Enduring Rock" elemental resonance effect - which makes your actions harder to interrupt and increases damage dealt by 15% - is supposed to trigger as a result. of an elementary burst, unfortunately this is not currently the case.

The miHoYo studio announced that a corrective patch was currently being considered and that an update would be deployed on December 10 to resolve this problem. The developers are also announcing that players will be compensated for any issues they may have encountered while playing Zhongli.

Currently, we are engaged in a deep analysis of Zhongli. In future releases, we'll continue to analyze, evaluate, and adjust things so that all the characters you love have their roles to play and opportunities to shine. In the meantime, we can only ask Travelers to continue to be patient.

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